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Chrand Events USA
Pancho Campo - CEO
Organización y patrocinios

Patricia Jiménez
Inscripciones y acreditaciones

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DF Consults

David Furer
Programación, conferenciantes y medios


Balzac Communications

Mike Wangbickler
Marketing digital y relaciones públicas

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Balzac Logo copia_edited.jpg

Reg & Co

Agencia de patrocinio - Reino Unido & Europa
Karen Morris 


Theoreme 3 Advisors

Patrocinios - EEUU & Norte America
Sumya Ojakli - Managing Member/Chief Distiller
Alexandra Patron - Global Business Development

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  • If the time zone is not in waking hours in my country how can sessions be accessed?
    Recorded sessions will be available to view as soon as the day is over.
  • How long after the conference can session recordings be accessed?
    All sessions of the entire conference will be accessible for one month after the end of it.
  • How is the virtual magazine distributed?
    It will be sent to all participants a few days before the start of the event.
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